GLOCK 43 The 9MM for Everyone

I can not highlight enough though that even with its capacity limitations and tiny size you need to shoot it to believe how flat and easy this gun is to run compared to other sub-compact/micro sized guns. To prove our point we reached out to a newer female shooter to run the gun for a few weeks. After this review, she has decided to purchase this GLOCK for herself. A testament to a quality product and in no way was this gun a freebie for us. Below is Janice’s review.

When I was asked to give my opinion and try a new gun, I wondered why people wanted to know what I thought? I am just a simple girl raising two kids and working; I have been carrying the same gun now for a couple of years the 38spcl revolver that my husband bought me for my birthday. I like it but thought maybe it is time to try something new; my husband carries a 45 and swears by it. I would look a little funny carrying full size 1911 on my 4’11” frame, and it would be a little tough to hide. I don’t carry my weapon in my purse because if someone is going to come after me, I figure that is what they want and they are going to grab first so I have always carried on my body in some way and when I saw the slim design of the G43 I was looking forward to being able to carry IWB.

As with any new weapon we had a getting to know each other period at the range, I found the weapon to be very accurate and easy to handle. I expected it to have some flip to it or be tough to handle, and it wasn’t, truth be told, the 38spcl I carry with +P ammo is tougher to handle. One of the biggest things I noticed and enjoyed was the increased sight radius in such a small package that has always been a challenge for me with the small frame revolvers. I also like the slim frame and the way it tucks against my body, the revolver I was carrying seems to bulge just a little around the cylinder and can make it difficult to conceal.
When I got to the range, I bought a large assortment of ammo to try in the G43 I wanted to see what it liked and how they shot through it and what kind of accuracy each one offered. I have to tell you I was surprised that it like everything I put into it, it didn’t have any issues feeding any of it. Some of the +P stuff was a bit much for me to shoot; I could shoot it if I needed to, but I don’t think I would like to target shoot with it.

After my trip to the range I brought the G43 home and had to clean it, now I will say that my old revolver was easy to clean really easy, a little wiping and a barrel brush and I was good to go. So I was intimidated by cleaning a semi auto anything! But wow it breaks down easy and into a few simple sub-assemblies and viola you have a nice clean pistol again.


We also gave this weapon to my wife for a bit. You may remember that she currently carries the due to her small hands and Louis Viton style. Her impressions were much along the lines of what I had expected. “It’s ugly, and I don’t need a new gun,” she says, “Mine works just fine.” However at the range things started to change.

I know the ammo is 380 but isn’t it a pretty picture?

To be clear, she is not a GLOCK fan and does not like most of my choices in firearms with the exception of my 1911. She has never even shot a GLOCK due to the wide frames on them and her hands that are tiny even for a small woman.

However one range trip and she immediately was surprised. She found it to be as comfortable as her preferred carry gun and while the GLOCK is 2 oz heavier, she perceived it to weigh less based on its balancing. At the end of the day, she is not changing to the GLOCK but she did admit that if she had not already purchased the P938 this would be a tough decision.

Full sized men:

There is no shortage of reviews on the Internet ranging from tactical guys, police and civilians who share their point of view. For that reason, I am not going to cover the same ground as these guys. I will mention that if you don’t like small guns like the PM9, shield or the GLOCK 26’s that should not rule out this gun. The GLOCK 43 due to its proportions is easier to grip and shoot than the G26 was, even with my meaty hands. I’ll also add that at the recent MTOA conference the instructors from SDI all hard hitting military guys who build guns for a living were concealing G43’s. While the P938 has a special place in my heart I find myself much like Colion Noir, wondering, do I put my old faithful aside for this late comer who has so many things I look for in Ms. Right.



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