L to R Pixon JPX OC, BCM hat, SF Fury w/ SF combat r.......

Get Ready for our EDC contest.

We are running a EDC contest on our Facebook page. Make sure you submit your EDC to be entered for a chance to win some 9, 40 or 45 ammo.

How to Win:
We are going to open the non submission part of the contest today. We will allow multiple entires per fan. Here is how it works.

Each Share of the EDC Album = 1 entry

Each Like of the EDC Album (not of the individual pictures) = 1 entry

Each new user who posts on our page with the name of the person that referred them here = 1 entry for each person

Post on our EDC Album the following “I support the 2nd Amendment and 248Shooter.com” = 1 entry

You can be eligible as both a submitter and non submitter but can only win 1 prize.

You must be at least 21 as the prizes are pistol ammo.

You can only share or like the album one time, but may refer as many new friends as you like.

Your choice of one of the following

50 rounds of 9mm American Eagle 115grain FMJ

50 rounds of 40 S&W LAXammo.com 180 grain FMJ

50 rounds of 45 ACP LAXammo.com 230 grain FMJ

We do not make any money on this site and these prizes come out of my own pocket. This is the same practice ammo I use and is being pulled from my personal stash to create a fun contest. LAXAmmo is a reloaded ammo by LAX not me. The American Eagle ammo is factory new. All ammo is brass.

Thank you to all that have supported us and let the games begin.

About 248 Shooter

248 Shooter
Charles is the editor and lead writer for 248 Shooter, a Michigan based gun, news and gear review site. An avid student, taking classes from top tier trainers around the country. Charles is not LEO, Military or Invested in the companies he reviews. The goal of all articles is to show an gun fan enthusiasts opinions on popular products in the market. The opinions expressed are individual opinions that we hope you enjoy reading and offer a unique user perspective that may be of assistance. Charles shares his love for training as well as experience and opinions on some of the most talked about gear and products used by competitive shooters, military, leo and civilians. Ever a supporter of the Michigan economy, the hunting sports and the 2nd amendment.

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