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Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend

Special thanks must also be given to Joe Weyer of The Alliance Police Training Division and his entire SRT team for their weeks of work leading up to the event and his unimaginable patience in dealing with the amount of involved in shuttling people, managing vendors, classes and more to make this event appear to go seamlessly.

The training day kicked off early with students arriving as early as 7am to check in and get set for the safety brief. From there, students could break off into groups for the various training and seminars or congregate and chat with like minded individuals.

Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend
what’s your excuse to not train?
Photo Credit: J.W. Ramp Buy a Print

The day continued without a hitch as instructors rotated through the various ranges to offer instruction to those who attended. For me personally, the best part of the event was seeing so many people from as far as Alaska to Florida gather together and discuss the effect Pat Rogers had on their lives. Getting a chance to talk with top-tier Police and Military trained personnel as well as responsible CPL holders who trained with Pat and Company CEO’s like Ashley of Blue Force or Michael of Raven Concealment as well as really well-informed product experts like John and Cameron at Aimpoint was such a unique opportunity.

With night courses classes that went well into the evening covering the area in gun smoke and the smell of powder the entire range smelled like a manly candle. With these late night activities, the BBQ and raffle were held starting at 1300 on Sunday giving us all time to recoup.

The BBQ on Sunday was just incredible. From the bourbon being shared to the incredible smoked meats. Blue Force Gear who has been a huge part of the growth of the Alliance Range unveiled their new classroom and dedicated it with a bronze plaque commemorating Pat.

Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend
Just part of the raffle table. Photo Credit: J.W. Ramp Buy a Print

Following the lunch, the door prizes, raffle, and charity auction was held. Thousands of dollars in products were donated by the previously listed sponsors and more. Those donations resulted in over $15,000 being donated to Pat’s favorite industry specific charities.

Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend
John Chapman teaching in the shoot house.
Photo Credit: J.W. Ramp Buy a Print

John Spears who has taken over Pat’s training company EAG in partnership with Chappy shared with the group some of the amazing highlight’s of Pats life that reminded us all of not just how important Pat was to us but how big of a part he played in events behind the scenes.

At the end of the speeches and as the day came to a close we received the news we had all been waiting for. Chappy announced to much applause that this even would be the first in a series of annual events held in Pat’s honor.

If you were at the event I hope we had a chance to talk. If not I will see you next year. If you did not make the even this year be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. We thank all those who volunteered time or money to make this event a success and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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