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Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend

Pat Roger’s is one of those men who exemplified what America is about. Even if you have not trained with Pat, chances are that you have been influenced by his techniques at some point. His work with Gunsite has become the foundation used by most modern trainers.

On May 4th, 2016 Pat left this world to join the warriors he trained. Like his brothers and sisters before he fought alongside going back to 1963 as a Marine right through the week before his death. Few people will ever leave their mark on our Community that Pat did.

To celebrate his life rather than mourn his passing EAG, The FOP of Ohio, the Alliance Police Range and countless other trainers and companies gathered together for a day of shooting and training followed by a day of celebration.

To give you an idea of how involved this event was here is just some of the instructors listed on the event.

  • John Spears
    Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend
    Matt Prime sees you.
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  • Steve Fisher
  • Presscheck Consulting
  • Jose Gordon
  • Chappy
  • Bill Peterson
  • CLEER Medical
  • Jeff Gonzales
  • Matt Jacques
  • Freddy Blish

EAG now headed by John Chapman (Chappy) and John Spears with the help of John Weyer of Alliance were instrumental in developing the juggling act required to simultaneously run 2-3 events per time slot as well as secure the funding and support of numerous industry companies.

Here are just a few of the great companies who made this event possible.

  • The Alliance Police Department Training Division
    Friends Of Pat Memorial Weekend
    P&S Mods represent.
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  • Blue Force Gear
  • Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM)
  • Tango Down
  • Raven Concealment Systems
  • Magpul
  • Beretta USA
  • AT Armor
  • Velocity Systems
  • Euro Optics
  • Team Wendy
  • Austere Provisions
  • Gunsite
  • and many others.

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