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It’s been a month since our last post and I am sorry about that. We hope to have a major announcement soon on why that is but for now we have a heads up about a new product we are excited about.

the two guys behind Dango got in touch with us after seeing some of the EDC posts we have made and after speaking with them I am breaking my rule on discussing kickstarter projects.

You can see the full project here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1592811030/dango-products-redefining-the-wallet 

Here is their intro video.

From their press release

Dango Products was started in November 2015, kicking off our first Kickstarter campaign (and successfully getting funded) with our Loop Hook and Wall Mount. We learned a lot and had a blast developing that first product and are back again, this time with our Dango Wallet. The Dango Wallet was developed to reinvent the way you store your valuables. We blended fashion, utility and function into a slim wallet that is USA made. It weighs in at just over 2oz.; rugged in construction, designed to take abuse and still retain its carefully designed aesthetics. The Dango Wallet is constructed from various materials that are bound together in a cohesive design. Two pieces of CNC’d aluminum are sandwiched together with a silicone band, allowing flexibility in storage and maintaining a minimal footprint. On top of the front plate, genuine leather pockets are bolted onto it, increasing the storage capacity further and adding warmth from the use of leather. The wallet construction also enables RFID blocking for added security. The Dango Wallet can comfortably store up to 4 cards in the leather pockets and as many as 8 cards in the rear cavity (5 if the multi-tool is being stored in the rear cavity). Cash can either be held in the pockets or banded behind the back plate. The leather pockets are lined with microfiber to assist in entering/removing your cards. We also made the pockets/cavities wide enough to store standard width business cards.

We are going to go ahead and order one and see if it lives up the hype. My trayvax wallet has given me some issues as of late and this might be the perfect solution to fill that gap. We will update you when we know more. In the meantime check out the Kickstart for this and let us know what you think 0n our FB page.

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