Coupons for the Week

We have been working with major retailers to try and find you discounted coupons for all your firearms and related purchases. Here is this weeks coupons. Please click the links below to be eligible to receive the discounts. Brownells: $5 flat rate shipping Coupon Code: DUT FFL123: $5 Off Coupon Code. Coupon Code: GUNZ Gun Casket 10% off and Free …

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Michign CPL/CCW Reciprosity Map

When searching online today I came across this interactive map.    Michigan is one of the most widely supported CPL/CCW licenses you can get.   If you are looking to travel in the USA you need to know what is legal in each state as laws very. Do not count on this map to keep you out of trouble entirely if …

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Zero your AR-15 Iron Sites

This is a fantastic video for those of you that are new to the AR platform or have not had much experience with setting mechanical zero on a rifle. This will also work for many red dot sites that are commonly used with AR-15’s. Check out Safe Arms Review on Youtube and be sure to watch this great video on how to best …

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