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The Navy Yard Shooting and How Gun Control Failed

Brian Yaklyvich/CNN

On September 16th another mass shooting happened claiming the lives of 12 people and wounded another 8 individuals. This mass shooting like almost all other mass shootings in history happened in a “Gun Free Zone”. As such victims were prohibited from defending themselves and forced to wait for the mercy of the police dept. to come save them.   It …

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Massive Recall for All Caracal C Pistols Recalled: No Fix Available

Caracal C Pistol Recall

I know people that have been hyping up Caracal for sometime as the ext big thing. This recall with no fix possible is going to set back customer faith in a large way. follow the link to learn all about the recall and how to proceed further. With all the news lately it might be time to start a recall …

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UofM Student Threatened with Gun by Mugger

Click on Detroit is reporting that on Aug 30th a student on campus was threatened and assaulted during an attempted robbery.   The attempted mugger who is described as: black male, mid-20s, about 6 feet tall with a slim build. Police said he was wearing a gray, long-sleeved baggy jacket, dark-colored cargo-style pants, and a gray beanie cap.   Police …

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Obama’s new executive order will kill the 110-year-old Civilian Marksmanship Program

President Obama’s newest enemy in the fight against illegal guns is the Civilian Marksmanship Program. This 110 year old program was founded in 1903 to ensure that  soldiers returning from war would be able to keep their skills up to date incase they ever be called on again. The program returned obsolete rifles from outside our borders back to the …

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Kettering University Students Want Ability to Carry on Campus

According to a recent article on the Flint Journal a newly formed school club is looking to empower students with the right to carry firearms. (See the article here)   Michigan law prohibits the carrying of guns in both dorm rooms or classrooms under a law that many would like to see changed. Kettering University in Flint Michigan however has …

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Innovative Gunfighter Solutions

Necessity is the mother of all invention and was the basis for the formation of Innovative Gunfighter Solutions. John from right here in Oakland County is a certified instructor working with Brad at Patriot Defense Training in Jackson Michigan. John realized that the current serration’s on the most common guns is not as useful as it can be. Though techniques exist …

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3rd Burned Female Found in Detroit

CBS Detroit is reporting a third victim of a possible Detroit Serial Attacker has been found.  You can find the CBS Article here.   On Saturday morning another burned female was discovered in the 1300 block of Forrest Avenue. This is now the 3rd female found burned and left for dead in recent weeks. Investigators are not officially claiming the …

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Rep. Harvey Santana Looking to “Review” Stand Your Ground Laws

The Detroit Free Press has released a story here (Detroit Free Press Article) related to recent comment by Representative Harvey Santana. Representative Santana is a Detroit Democratic representative  feels that after the last failed attempt to repeal the Stand Your Ground legislation that Michigan passed in 2006 it is time to re-open the conversation. Detroit has been facing huge financial issues …

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MI Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal Oak) to Ban Youth Hunting HB 4774

Representative Jim Townsend who we reported on recently (HERE) due to his asinine attempts to require purchase licenses for long guns is at it again. This time Mr. Townsend the representative from Royal Oak is looking to effectively destroy both out of state hunting revenues and  youth hunting in the great state of Michigan. He has introduced HIB-4774 (HERE) which will require pistol licenses to be extended …

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The Best of Liberal Chick Meme’s

Liberal Hippie Meme

Ok these meme’s are ones that really get me rolling in my chair. If for no other reason then when I grew up in NY I met so many of these people. Since moving to Michigan I have been lucky in meeting less of them but places like Ann Arbour still have their fair share.

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