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Stand Your Ground is not a License to be Stupid

Yesterday we reported on a case regarding a man from Dearborn Heights shooting a Detroit woman in the face with a 12 gauge. Read the entire article here. In the article we discuss several factors that clearly indicated a dangerous situation. We approached it from a right to self defense and the clearly made bad choices on the side of Renisha …

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The Defense Speaks in the trial for Renisha McBride Porch Killing

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

You can read the full report from Mlive here: For those of you who may not be aware there is a case regarding a Dearborn Heights man who shot a 19 year old woman from Detroit. Here is a summary of the currently known facts: Renisha McBride had a blood alcohol of between .28 and .29. The legal limit is …

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Senate Passes Undetectable Firearms Act

We had discussed this on the Facebook page for 248Shooter a few days ago. Nothing upsets me more than profiteering and fear mongering in an effort to get you to join some lobby group. I understand gun lobbies are a necessary evil when we need to combat idiots like Bloomberg. Lets not kid ourselves into thinking they have our best …

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A Breon Custom Pmags’, Grips and More!

A Breon Custom’s is doing something unique in the tactical market. This is not a vinyl overlay or  a stipple job. They are not painting Glocks with crayons or toe nail polish as we have seen on YouTube. Adam has developed a unique application that involves a Polymer infusion to create multiple colored custom creations on any polymer or Kydex …

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Bill to Expand Safe and Responsible Firearm Training for Michigan Youth Unanimously Passed in House Committee

I received an update from the NRA-ILA today on a Michigan House Bill that I have somehow missed up until now. HB 5085 can be read here.   The bill is designed to “clarify” existing laws on the books as well as allow for individuals under the age of 21 to be able to shoot at target ranges and in instructional …

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SB610 Is There More to the Story?

Woman with SBR Kriss Vector Super V

We have been reporting on Senate Bill 610 designed to repeal the Michigan SBR/SBS Ban. I have spoken to many people and been in many forums where nobody could understand why Michigan had separate laws from the 1934 NFA regulating these types of weapons.  Dean Weingarten at Gun Watch brought some new information to light. It shows the nature of why …

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***UPDATE*** SB610 Looks to Legalize SBR’s and SBS’s in Michigan

SB 610 is in the Michigan Senate for discussion.   You can read the legislature here. If passed this law would allow Michigan citizens to purchase and register NFA items that include Short Barrel Riffles and Short Barrel Shotguns.   Contact your reps now to encourage them to pass this legislature.   If you are unsure who to contact please …

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House Bills 4133, 4134 and 4350 Head to Senate for Consideration

House Bills 4133, 4134 and 4350 designed to allow Police, Prosecutors, Retired Prosecutors and Corrections Officers the ability to carry in Pistol Free Zones has passed the Michigan House of Representatives yesterday Nov 12th. The bill now heads to the Senate and if passed will be on the Governors desk soon.   There is no doubt that these individuals are …

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Shots Fired with Property and a Car Stolen from Seaholm High in Birmingham

I live in Bloomfiled Hills and many of my more liberal neighbors laugh at the idea that I carry a weapon and have planned escape routes from my home for my children.   Today is an example of why even “safe” neighborhoods need to be alert.   By MONICA DRAKE,; @monica_adele POSTED: 11/12/13, 9:39 AM EST | UPDATED: 2 HRS AGO Classes at …

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2nd Amendment Friendly Shopping

This year has seen a slew of business either establish a pro or anti 2nd Amendment stance. With Companies like Starbucks flip flopping and the inability to track every news site for who flew off the reservation keeping tack of who is in our corner and who is not can be a difficult task.   What if somebody made an …

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