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Rep. Harvey Santana Looking to “Review” Stand Your Ground Laws

The Detroit Free Press has released a story here (Detroit Free Press Article) related to recent comment by Representative Harvey Santana. Representative Santana is a Detroit Democratic representative  feels that after the last failed attempt to repeal the Stand Your Ground legislation that Michigan passed in 2006 it is time to re-open the conversation. Detroit has been facing huge financial issues …

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MI Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal Oak) to Ban Youth Hunting HB 4774

Representative Jim Townsend who we reported on recently (HERE) due to his asinine attempts to require purchase licenses for long guns is at it again. This time Mr. Townsend the representative from Royal Oak is looking to effectively destroy both out of state hunting revenues and  youth hunting in the great state of Michigan. He has introduced HIB-4774 (HERE) which will require pistol licenses to be extended …

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The Best of Liberal Chick Meme’s

Liberal Hippie Meme

Ok these meme’s are ones that really get me rolling in my chair. If for no other reason then when I grew up in NY I met so many of these people. Since moving to Michigan I have been lucky in meeting less of them but places like Ann Arbour still have their fair share.

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Oakland County Second Highest Approved CPL Rate

Oakland County CPL Approval

The Michigan State Police have released the latest CPL report by county. It can be found at:   You will notice that Oakland County approved 34,861 new CPL’s and renewed 19,114 for a total of : 53,975 Second only to Wayne County. Oakland takes its gun ownership and right to carry very serious and it is wonderful to see so many new approved applications.   …

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Off Duty FBI Agent Almost Shoots Detroit Cop

  Detroit Police officers are instructed to stage a purse snatching in Cork Town for the Channel 4 News. An off duty FBI agent at the station thinking this was a real robbery intervened.   You can watch the video here:   Fox 2 News Headlines  

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House Ok’s Increased Hunting and Fishing Fees

According to the AP in an article located on FoxNews Detroit the Michigan House has already paved the way for increased fees. When combined wiht the shortage of ammo, ammo price increases and higher gas costs this is setting the stage for one of the most expensive hunting seasons on record.   There is some good news in this bill though: …

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Call Your Representatives

According to an update on the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners Facebook page we have a new mess to deal with in Michigan. The US Congress has already stated that they are moving the gun debate to the States after losses at a Federal level. We need to put an end to this before it begins. State Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal …

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Michign CPL/CCW Reciprosity Map

When searching online today I came across this interactive map.    Michigan is one of the most widely supported CPL/CCW licenses you can get.   If you are looking to travel in the USA you need to know what is legal in each state as laws very. Do not count on this map to keep you out of trouble entirely if …

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Enforce Gun Laws Better in Oakland County

The Detroit Free Press has published an interesting article that speaks to the message the NRA and other pro 2nd Ammendment advocates have taken since the start. We do not need more Gun Laws we need better enforcement of the existing laws. It is more encouraging to see that this message was being delivered by key speakers Tuesday at a …

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Creditcard Reader Companies Discriminating Against Gun Sellers

The Examiner has an interesting article the other day that needs to be shared. You can find the original article here.   The general overview of the article is: Square will no longer support gun Sales PayAnywhere will not support gun Sales Intuit will not support gun sales   Chase and the NRA have systems that will allow for merchants …

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