If it has a tactical application it will be found here. From Military and Police Gear to high quality commercial products designed for the discerning shooter.

SIG556xi AR and AK Ammunition in a Single Gun

Sig556xi Shot show new gun

So the news has already started pouring out of shot show and we are only on day 1. Sig Sauer trending on the release of its mor modular tactical offerings has released the new Sig556xi. This gun is a modular work of art. 3 different interchangeable barrels: 10, 14.5, 16 3 types of handguards: Aluminum, Polymer, Carbon Fiber 3 types …

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Warne Ramp AR-15 Scope Mount

Warne Mount used by Police

High Powered optics, low powered optics, red dots, reflex sites and iron sites. That is a lot of choices when it comes to what you use to aim your AR-15. Add to that the when the AR-15 was developed it was designed for a fixed iron site. While the transition from the M16A1 to the more modern M16A4 has included …

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A Breon Custom Pmags’, Grips and More!

A Breon Custom’s is doing something unique in the tactical market. This is not a vinyl overlay or  a stipple job. They are not painting Glocks with crayons or toe nail polish as we have seen on YouTube. Adam has developed a unique application that involves a Polymer infusion to create multiple colored custom creations on any polymer or Kydex …

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SureFire 2211 WristLight

We recently had the privilege of getting a SureFire 2211 to review. The SureFire 2211 is a brand new class of lights that was designed with the help of active duty law enforcement and an advanced team of SureFire engineers.   The wrist light is designed to fill 3 roles: Weapon Light Primary Light Backup Light   We tested this …

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Fleeting Survival Inforce Review

I try to limit reposting other sites reviews as much as possible. However it is rare to run across such a well documented review and one that is so inline with the review we ran a few months back. Inforce is my go to weapon light and I prefer it over its more expensive competitors. This review by Fleeting Survival …

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Blue Force Gear RACKminus and SPLITminus Is A Plus

We love Blue Force Gear and that should be no surprise to our regular readers. One of the main reasons for this is they do not rest on old technology. They’re innovating and using the newest advantages in manufacturing and materials evolving and updating battle tested systems. They’re not re-inventing the wheel, instead they’re finding ways to make them lighter, …

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Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE) What is it?

Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment (MOLLE, pronounced Molly) is an Army and Marine Corps item that replaces the aging ALICE (All-purpose, Lightweight, Individual Carrying Equipment) pack, introduced in 1974, and the Integrated Individual Fighting System, introduced in 1988. Origin of the MOLLE Pack MOLLE began when the Department of Defense started looking to replace the ALICE pack in 1994. Soldiers and Marines …

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