Mossberg, Remington, Benelli, Winchester and other top named shotguns are reviewed here. Emphasis on hunting, skeet, trap and 3 gun as well as home defense.

The Civilian PDW Concept, Part 1

The PDW concept came to be at the end of the 1980s and was a product of a NATO request. NATO wanted to replace their 9mm submachine guns. They wanted a weapon that wasn’t as large as a rifle, but more potent than a submachine gun. NATO specifically wanted something that could efficiently defeat body armor. That’s the military/NATO PDW, …

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Kel-Tec KSG Redux First Impressions Review

Hello, again GAT and 248 readers! I’m back with another review… or a review preview as it may be. On Deck today, courtesy of Southwick’s Guns Ammo and Accessories, is a shotgun most interesting. Kel-Tec’s KSG, Burnt Bronze. This 12 gauge shotgun caught my eye awhile back, and I’ve been keeping my eye out for a proper specimen to snag up …

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Ann Arbor Arms A3 First Impressions

Have you ever wondered what FAO Swartz looks like for the gun aficionado? Sure stores like Gander and Dick’s sell guns but let’s face it, the service and knowledge at places like that leave much to be desired. Not to mention the low to mid tier products don’t tickle the senses the way a rack full of Wilson Combat or …

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Trijicon RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR Reflex Sight Review

Recently we had the chance to review the RMR08G from Trijicon. There is no question that Trijicon is considered one of the top manufacturers of optics, fiber optics, and Tritium night sights. This time around we spent some time with the matte black RM08G Dual-Illuminated RMR Reflex Sight. Housed in rugged forged aluminum, the RMR is extremely tough yet lightweight. …

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SecureIt MILSPEC KIT Review and Installation

SecureIt is a top military, police and civilian producer of  storage solutions for firearms and gear. With over 10 years experience working with US special forces to secure a wide range of weapons and gear, SecureIt has built its reputation on operational knowledge from inside the USA. Recently we reported on the release of the MILSPEC Kit that allows you …

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SOE Micro 12 Gauge Rig Review

SOE Belts Tactical 12 Gauge Micro-Rig

When things go bump in the night are you ready? We did an article on how pistols are great to shoot your way to your rifle. What about when you get to your shotgun or rifle? Chances are you don’t sleep with your Blue Force Gear on. So where do you put your sidearm, med kit and extra ammo when …

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