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Sig Sauer 1911 TacPac .45 – Update

The bug recently bit me again and this time it was a rather large bore bug in .45. After getting razzed for my love for Glocks by my friends up at the Oakland County Sportsman’s Club I decided to get the most iconic platform of handguns ever made the 1911.   Sig is certainly one of my favorite gun makers. …

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Call Your Representatives

According to an update on the Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners Facebook page we have a new mess to deal with in Michigan. The US Congress has already stated that they are moving the gun debate to the States after losses at a Federal level. We need to put an end to this before it begins. State Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal …

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Michign CPL/CCW Reciprosity Map

When searching online today I came across this interactive map.    Michigan is one of the most widely supported CPL/CCW licenses you can get.   If you are looking to travel in the USA you need to know what is legal in each state as laws very. Do not count on this map to keep you out of trouble entirely if …

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248 Shooter Gets Updated

I am proud to announce that today we have made several major updates to   You may notice our new logo. I am working to get this updated to get rid of that nasty white edge around it and a new version should be online soon.   We have also created a Facebook Page here. Please be sure to like …

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LoneWolf Glock 27 40 Caliber to 9mm Conversion

Overview: Recently you may have read my blog related to the Glock 27 that I purchased on Gunbroker.  This has become my EDC CCW when not wearing a suit, tuxedo or needing a deep concealment or the pocket concealment option. My Sig P938 is perfect for those dressier and deep concealment occasions.   Since I did not have the Glock 27 in …

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Primary Arms

After writing this review I have decided to make this a 2 part review. The first is related to Primary Arms as a company to do business with and the second will be a full review of the actual scope I purchased.   Recently I have been looking to increase my rifle skills at Oakland County Sportsman’s Club. My cheap Barska …

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Faliaphotography Offers a Womens Perspective on Shooting

Women are a a very fast growing segment of shooters. They represent a large portion of new NRA memberships and can be found in abundance at local CPL classes. Personally I can attest to the fact that the last 3 CPL classes I have been to had more women than men in them. However new female shooters I have spoken …

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The Glock 27 My New Favorite Gun

  Several months ago we purchased a Sig P250 Compact for a few reasons. My intention was to take advantage of multiple calibers and have a smaller but still robust EDC. In my search I came across an interesting adage that I should have listened to. There is only 2 types of people in this world. Those that don’t own …

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Sig Sauer P938 Review

Sig P938 Nightmare Image

I have to say this gun is an absolute work of art. Think baby 1911 in 9mm. This is a true pocket pistol that you can actually feel comfortable carrying and shooting.   It started going back to Oct of 2012. If an effort to garner support at home for my time at the range an attempt was made to …

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