If you need it in the field we will do our best to review it here. Learn about bags, packs, pouches, holsters, scopes, sights, ammunition and anything else you need to be ahead of the curve.

What Will You Use Your Gun For?

In our last article “Where to Start” we discussed a very basic overview of what you need to know. In an effort to bring more information on gun handling and techniques 248Shooter has recently partnered with an NRA instructor who will be adding his experience to our blog writing team. Expect to see some great information on those topics in the coming weeks. This …

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Molon Labe Challenge Coins

Molon-Labe-Challenge-Coins on T-Shirt

Molon Labe Challenge Coins is a pro 2nd amendment company that focuses on making extremely high Quality Challenge Coins. For those of you who have not been in the military here is a brief overview of what a Challenge Coin is. A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried …

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Oakland County Second Highest Approved CPL Rate

Oakland County CPL Approval

The Michigan State Police have released the latest CPL report by county. It can be found at:   You will notice that Oakland County approved 34,861 new CPL’s and renewed 19,114 for a total of : 53,975 Second only to Wayne County. Oakland takes its gun ownership and right to carry very serious and it is wonderful to see so many new approved applications.   …

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Off Duty FBI Agent Almost Shoots Detroit Cop

  Detroit Police officers are instructed to stage a purse snatching in Cork Town for the Channel 4 News. An off duty FBI agent at the station thinking this was a real robbery intervened.   You can watch the video here:   Fox 2 News Headlines  

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1500 Facebook Likes Giveaway

556 IMI XM193 Giveaway

In an effort to thank the almost 1500 users who have liked our page on Facebook in the last 3 weeks we are giving away something you can never have enough of, 556 Ammo from IMI.   This is purchased by me as a gift to our growing fan base and to encourage users to show your support for gun …

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EDC Collection

I have been actively getting into the EDC Movement. Actually I was a member of the movement for years just didn’t know it was a movement. Here is a collection of some of the best EDC pictures I have found. You can follow my adventures on Pintrest here:  

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Where to Start?

In hindsight I can not believe that this article has not been written until now. With all the recent garbage legislation and media attention on the riffles and handguns the firearms community has seen one of the largest upswings in new members in history. With this comes a lot of new members to the ranges who don’t know the rules or safety procedures. Not only …

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Strong Female’s with Guns

We at 248 shooter know that our fans like to see pictures of guns and especially guns with women. In an effort to cater to these wants without becoming just another gun calender with a ton of porn models holding guns using awful trigger discipline we are taking a new approach. We will highlight pictures from the community of attractive women shooting …

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