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TRU-SPEC 24-7 Series Pants Review

Shortly after the holiday season one of my prefered retailers put the TRU-SPEC 24-7 Rip Stop pants on clearance. I am a huge fan of cargo pants going back to my middle and high school years long before it was tactical. My job affords me the luxury of wearing cargo pants instead of requiring slacks. As a parent who has …

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SIG Sauer P226 “Extreme” Preview Review

Right on the heels of our P250 review I present… another SIG. 248Shooter writers have discussed, among many topics, just how much Sig Sauer products might dominate review time on the page. This has to do with their very strong showing as a company at SHOT Show, bring a number of new and refined products to market for the huge …

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Sig Sauer P250 Review

The Sig Sauer P250 is one of the most under marketed technological advancements in handgun technology that just never got off the ground. Let that just sink in for a second and understand both the power and failure that evokes. About the P250 The P250 is the single most versatile handgun Sig has ever made. The reason is that unlike …

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ALG Combat Trigger ACT Review

ALG Defense ACT trigger for the AR-15

Keith is getting too good at writing articles for us here at 248shooter. We both started a review on the ALG Combat Trigger also known as that ACT trigger. He just did a better job than me and faster. Below is the article from him and I do not want to spoil it so let me just say the following. …

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Blitzkrieg Chevron AR-15 Front Sight Post Upgrade

Iron sights have been lauded as the only sight you ever need and degraded to yesterdays technology depending on who you talk to. The military guys who trained using them swear you can hit anything to several hundred yards when properly trained. They go on and on about the availability of batteries in the wild or a SHTF scenario. Younger …

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SOE Micro 12 Gauge Rig Review

SOE Belts Tactical 12 Gauge Micro-Rig

When things go bump in the night are you ready? We did an article on how pistols are great to shoot your way to your rifle. What about when you get to your shotgun or rifle? Chances are you don’t sleep with your Blue Force Gear on. So where do you put your sidearm, med kit and extra ammo when …

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GearScout AR-15 Grip Comparison

Ar-15 Gun Grip Styles

We work hard her to be an excellent source of original content. Every once in a while we run across an article that is just so well put together and useful that we can not help but share it. GearScout took the time to very carefully in an extremely illustrative way capture the grip angles and contours of 21 of …

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Roger’s Custom Kydex Holsters New Glock 42 is please to announce the pre-release of the Glock 42 ADCR or Appendix Deep Cover Rig. We at 248 Shooter are currently running a ADCR that is light bearing for the Glock 26L that we had made by IGFS. These are coming suede backed and your choice of color and clip for $40/shipped at We highly recommend going with the pull …

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G2R R.I.P Bullet should RIP. Not Ready For Primetime

Shooting the Bull has done a third party independent ballistics test on the new G2 Research R.I. P round. For true gun nuts who rely on science and not hype will find this to be inline with many of our initial thoughts. I did not expect this round to be a game changer as I had been hearing. However I …

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