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Why High-End Scopes Cost That Much?

Rifle scope mounted with picatinny mount on a sniper rifle

If you’ve spent any time shopping for scopes you’ve probably been surprised at how much the price scale varies. Even a cursory glance at a big retail site like Amazon shows me scopes ranging from 25 dollars to well over 2,000 dollars. Many people wonder why they should spend nearly as much or even more on a scope than they …

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Choosing a Hunting Optic on A Budget

hunting rifle and scope

When it comes to hunting choosing a hunting optic on a budget is never easy.  A solid optic can work wonders but finding the right one can be difficult. An optic allows the user to make more accurate, more precise shots. They also allow users to scan and scout at a distance greater than what their eyes can see. Scopes …

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Eotech 300BLK XPS-2 Review

300 Blackout is a cartridge that came on the market and found a unique home. While boutique cartridges can come and go 300 Blackout has had staying power. One of the reasons for the 300 blackouts success is it performs excellent both suppressed and supersonic. For those guys who love the black rifle but want a heavier, larger bullet in …

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LUCID P7 Full Review

The new LUCID P7 Prismatic Combat Optic is now shipping to distributors and should be seen out and about in the wild now and/or shortly. LUCID was generous enough in their hustle to get this new scope to market to send one out in a little box in my direction. Many of you read my initial impressions and evaluation plan …

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LUCID P7 Unboxing Mini Review

Optics for modern rifles have been an ever evolving animal as their surge in popularity over the past decade has seen innovation and adaption try to meet a hungry demand among military, law enforcement, and civilian shooting customers. Faster, light weight, clearer, wide field of view, bullet drop, wide variable zoom range, holographic, battery life, non-battery powered… and even WiFi …

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Trijicon 1-6 AccuPoint Review Radioactive Goodness

The worst part of getting to do what we do here is when we have to send a product back. I’m not going to lie I stalled the hell out of this article because the idea of shipping the AccuPoint 1-6 scope back to Trijicon pretty much breaks my heart. So it is with a bittersweet feeling I write this …

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Blitzkrieg Upgraded Luminescent Light Post Review

Just over a year ago we published our first review from Blitzkrieg components. A new manufacturer who developed a chevron front sight post to replace the standard post in tactical weapons like the AR-15. Fast forward to this year and you will find that Blitzkrieg Components has leveraged that success into more sight options as well as new products for …

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First Impressions MI Custom Hybrid M-Lok Rifle

It is no surprise that Steve of Sentinel Concepts has worked with many top companies in an effort to refine pre-production guns. Midwest Industries a company I have been following for some time now recently entered into a partnership with Steve to produce a hybrid but affordable rifle. Wednesday I finally got a chance to hit the range and break …

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