IFAK, Individual First Aid Kit Reviews, Contents of IFAK, EPIK, Individual First Aid kits. Blow Out Kits, Emergency Trauma kits and other life saving technology will be found in these pages.

Gun-Friendly Healthcare at

Have you ever been frustrated (or outraged) by your physician’s invasive questions about your firearms? Have you ever hemmed and hawed with trying to explain to a physician what your health needs are WITHOUT mentioning your firearms? Ever feel like you should have your blood lead level checked without explaining why? Have you wished for an eye doctor who could …

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YouTube HQ: What We Know. What We Suspect. What We Should Do.

Tuesday at around 12:45 in San Bruno California a middle aged woman, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, attacked and wounded 3 employees at YouTube headquarters. A fourth employee was injured while fleeing but not shot. Aghdam shot and killed herself, ending the attack. That is what we know.   Aghdam had a channel(s) on YouTube that was apparently being flagged and restricted …

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Condoms, IFAK’s and Blowout Kits

Protection means different things to different people. Thinking back to my teen years, living in what I thought was a carefree suburb, protection meant a crumpled up, bent and highly compromised condom that I kept in my wallet. It was that one piece of gear that I desperately hoped to use. I mention this because that condom in many ways …

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Ann Arbor Arms A3 First Impressions

Have you ever wondered what FAO Swartz looks like for the gun aficionado? Sure stores like Gander and Dick’s sell guns but let’s face it, the service and knowledge at places like that leave much to be desired. Not to mention the low to mid tier products don’t tickle the senses the way a rack full of Wilson Combat or …

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FirstSpear MTAP Medic Bag Review

I recently had the opportunity to demo the FirstSpear Medical Trauma Assault Pack (MTAP) bag. Demo in this case means I beat the living snot out of it for the last 6 months. I’ve had multiple “tactical” medicine bags from all the big name brands and decided to try a bag from a high-end manufacturer like FirstSpear for once. Due …

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AR500 Armor® Tactical EPIK (IFAK) Review

We have discussed the importance of carrying a true trauma kit. Not a boo boo kit, or a basic first aid kit. First Aid kits are useful and you should be keeping one in your car especially if you’re a parent. However we are talking about a true trauma kit that is designed to deal with potentially fatal injuries associated with …

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Patriot Defense Training EC3 Medical Trauma Class

Over the weekend 248Shooter was invited to Jackson Michigan to train with Patriot Defense Training. The subject of the class was very different from the usual handgun, carbine or shotgun training that they traditionally offer. The subject for the 2 day course was Emergency Casualty  Care Class which is marketed as EC3.  The focus of the class was on identifying …

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Highlights From Shot Show Day 1

Shot Show Logo for 2014

The news has just been flooding out of shot show. In an effort to minimize the noise instead of reporting on everything new we will try to highlight the products that would be the most practical or cutting edge.   FAB Defense GL-MAG Stock Fab Defense has developed an AR-15 stock that is designed to hold an additional magazine. Releases are …

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The Overlooked Training

What Do I Need to Train For? Speaking to people at the range, at social events and through this site and its associated social media pages I have come to the conclusion there is a few types of gun owners. Unfortunately many people who own or carry a weapon do not make training a larger part of their lives. When …

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