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The Glock 27 My New Favorite Gun

  Several months ago we purchased a Sig P250 Compact for a few reasons. My intention was to take advantage of multiple calibers and have a smaller but still robust EDC. In my search I came across an interesting adage that I should have listened to. There is only 2 types of people in this world. Those that don’t own …

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Sig Sauer P938 Review

Sig P938 Nightmare Image

I have to say this gun is an absolute work of art. Think baby 1911 in 9mm. This is a true pocket pistol that you can actually feel comfortable carrying and shooting.   It started going back to Oct of 2012. If an effort to garner support at home for my time at the range an attempt was made to …

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Detroit Gym Teacher Shoots Attackers

A 70 year old Detroit Women’s Basketball coach shot 2 attackers as he walked 2 players to their cars. There is so much right about this I do not know where to start. First this coach is the type of people wee need involved in our schools. A reserve officer who was looking out for the best intrest of the kids regardless of the …

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Ruger LC9 Review

Watch Hickok45’s review of the Ruger LC9 on Youtube. This is the video that made me go out and buy one. Later this month expect to see my first Youtube video which will be a review of this gun. This is a single stack 6 or 7 round magazine that is perfect for concealed pocket carry. The safety for many is a …

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Where Do You Shoot In Oakland County

My first gun purchase was a Glock 19 at Target Sports in Keego Harbor. Ray the owner helped me out and gave me some great advice. 248 Shooter will be doing a review of this store and range soon. One of the advantages when purchasing at Target Sports is they provide you with 3 months of free range time. With the amount I …

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Who Do You Watch On YouTube?

YouTube was the first place I started to use to research what guns to buy, how to clean my guns, and even what upgrades work well. I have found Hickok45 to be one of the most valuable resources on honest gun reviews. If you are looking for pure fun and some huge explosions as well as very unique and expensive guns then …

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Welcome Oakland County Shooters

Welcome to the first and only blog dedicated to Oakland County’s gun enthusiasts. Regardless of your pleasure we intend to offer articles that will intrest you. Some of the topics we plan to highlight are: Skeet Shooting Trap Shooting Sporting Clays Hunting Plinking Defensive Pistol Collector Items Target Shooting Range Reviews Gun Reviews and many more….. Over the coming days we will be …

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