Every Day Carry – EDC

Photo’s and items you may be interested in related to the EDC or Every Day Carry movement.

Falco Belly Band Review

Well folks, I’m back with another review Falco Holsters was kind enough to send me what became my absolute favorite holster, their it95 model, but they have a number of other products that intrigued both Charlie and I. Through the magical mishaps that sometimes occur through the postal service I received a product from Falco meant for my counterpart, a …

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Detroit Bullet Works Ammo Luggage™

Most of us have an EDC that we carry with us. Others have a go bag or get home bag that is in our car or home that is fully packed with items that are needed in an emergency, and you likely would not be here if that did not include ammo. Ammunition in long-term storage with wide hot and …

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HSP G-Code Incog Holster Review

After the HSP Disruptive Carbine Course I had taken a few months back, I started to rethink my holster choice. All of the instructors had been sporting the Incog during the class, but considered they work with Travis, well that is to be expected.   Then I noticed that as people transitioned out of their battle gear into their EDC items …

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Recover Tactical CC3 Grip and Rail System Review

I recently had the pleasure of installing and shooting the Recover CC3 Grip & Rail System on one of my 1911s. The fit and finish is extremely nice, it is a precisely sculpted piece tucking in where it needs to and hugging the firearm ever so snugly! Upon taking the two sides out of the package, along with all the …

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Ensure You Have Enough Ammo

Detroit Bullet Works Ammo Club for Discount 9mm

The other day I was getting ready for the Travis Haley class. While I have my ammo properly stored and accounted for, thanks to a new trick I will be sharing with everyone in an upcoming article, I realized that I was likely going to be short on some 9mm.  Lucky for me 248 Shooter has a very strong relationship with Detroit …

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It 95 Falco Leather Holster Review

Falco Holsters was introduced to me differently than the other reviews done here. I received a link in a chat message from the owner of 248Shooter with a simple instruction “pick a holster”. Not one to question something like that from a friend I began surveying the selection all the while Charlie is describing Falco Holsters. My honest first reaction, …

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Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR Bag Review

SB610 makes SBR’s or Short Barrel Rifles legal in the great state of Michigan. With this change we are seeing a unprecedented rush of new registrations for SBR’s and an increase in registrations for AR and AK pistols so that people can begin building now while they await a tax stamp. Once those stamps start to arrive and people take …

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K Rounds IWB Appendix Holster Review

This is now the third attempt I have made to appendix carry. I am still not sold on this method of carry, what I am sold on though is this ingenious holster made by K Rounds. You may remember K Rounds from our previous review of the In-N-Out Holster. We have spent another 30 days rigorously testing their IWB KYDEX Appendix Holster. …

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AR500 Armor® Tactical EPIK (IFAK) Review

We have discussed the importance of carrying a true trauma kit. Not a boo boo kit, or a basic first aid kit. First Aid kits are useful and you should be keeping one in your car especially if you’re a parent. However we are talking about a true trauma kit that is designed to deal with potentially fatal injuries associated with …

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Mil-Spec Monkey Adapt Pack Review

Multiple colors for the Mil-Spec Monkey, Tactical Tailor Adapt Pack

Mil-Spec Monkey has a knack for taking great products and tweaking them a bit via some very high profile collaboration projects. In conjunction with Tactical Tailor Mil-Spec has developed the Adapt Pack. As you may notice we are using pictures from the MSM site. The fact is Monkey or whomever he uses for photography is much better at taking pictures …

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