Gear related to electronics used on or around rifles and firearms. This includes digital sighting systems and optics, GPS, night vision, or any other high tech related to survival, prepping or warfare.

1000 Environmentally Friendly Lumens

  LED LENSER® F1R I decided that it was time to shop for a new EDC light, the one that I have carried for a few years now still works great and has its uses. However, technology has changed so much that I thought it was time to look around. One particular light really caught my eye Leatherman’s LED Lenser …

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Vanquest Envoy 2.0 Messenger Bag Review

A quick search of our Facebook page or this blog would clearly indicate that we love bags. I have SBR bags, EDC bags, little bags, big bags, range bags, rifle bags and on and on. If you can put something inside, close it with strings, Velcro or a zipper, I likely have it or have tried it. The one bag …

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2nd Amendment Friendly Shopping

This year has seen a slew of business either establish a pro or anti 2nd Amendment stance. With Companies like Starbucks flip flopping and the inability to track every news site for who flew off the reservation keeping tack of who is in our corner and who is not can be a difficult task.   What if somebody made an …

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