If your into the EBR, Evil Black Riffle, AR-15 or any AR type style weapons you will find what you are looking for here.

Patriot Cases Foam Cutting Instructions and Review

If you have ever had to fly with a weapon or spend large periods of time outdoors in inclement weather, you have probably purchased a hard case for your weapon. Both pistol and rifle cases fit into the same mold for hard cases. You typically have some form of heavy duty plastic shell that can be secured and then locked …

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ALG Defense Ergonmic Modular Rail (EMR) Free Float Review

There is no shortage of rails in the marketplace for the AR-15. The usual suspects are the magpul drop ins, quad rails, free float rails and many variations on those. For many years it was an all or nothing mentality for AR-15 owners, you either kept the generic handguard or put a quad rail which was commonly referred to as …

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Building an AR Pattern Rifle: An Interlude of Quietly Mumbled Profanity (Part 3)

Keith has completed his series on building his AR pattern rifle. Thank you Keith for your hard work in documenting and sharing your experience. Part 2 Part 1 At long last my 248 friends, the finale! Part 3 will be short and sweet. The upper receiver group of the AR rifle is our last piece. The upper receiver, as those …

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Building an AR Pattern Rifle: An Interlude of Quietly Mumbled Profanity (Part 2)

Keith our resident instructor and build fanatic is back again to share his journey of mumbled profanity commonly known as his building an AR series. Part 3 Part 1  This time around we are focusing on actually building the AR rifle as opposed to the decision to build or buy. Personally this is my 6th AR15 (not counting the M16A2’s, …

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Michigan AR-15 Pistol or SBR Build Part 2

The AR platform has been likened to grown up lego’s. The available configurations and components create an almost limitless options on both look and performance.  Not only are there numerous purposes a rifle can be designed around such as varminter, long range, plinker, CQB, pistol, sbr or even a traditional M series a# clone but also the looks and budget …

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Michigan AR-15 Pistol/SBR Build

Michigan is an interesting place. We interpret gun laws a tad bit different than other states. As such we wind up with interesting hybrid products like the “Michigan Pistol”.  While the Michigan Pistol has gone the way of the dodo and SBR’s have finally been approved in the state thanks to SB610 we still have some interesting gun laws. SBR’s …

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Building an AR Pattern Rifle: An Interlude of Quietly Mumbled Profanity (Part 1)

 Keith our resident instructor and AR-15 home build fanatic, has started a series on building an AR-15 from scratch. This first article discusses why or why not  you may want to build an AR instead of buying one. While cost is a factor it should not be “the factor” when making this decision. This series will be an excellent compliment …

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ALG Combat Trigger ACT Review

ALG Defense ACT trigger for the AR-15

Keith is getting too good at writing articles for us here at 248shooter. We both started a review on the ALG Combat Trigger also known as that ACT trigger. He just did a better job than me and faster. Below is the article from him and I do not want to spoil it so let me just say the following. …

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GearScout AR-15 Grip Comparison

Ar-15 Gun Grip Styles

We work hard her to be an excellent source of original content. Every once in a while we run across an article that is just so well put together and useful that we can not help but share it. GearScout took the time to very carefully in an extremely illustrative way capture the grip angles and contours of 21 of …

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AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts

AR-15 Do's and Don'ts full playlist of all videos

Youtube is an incredibly valuable source of information if you can weed through the chaff to find the people worth following. One of my prefered Youtubers is Highjak86. He has been working on a multi-part series called AR-15 Do’s and Don’ts. It is by far one of the better video series I have seen on the topic. If you are new …

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