Articles and reviews related to the AK-47 and all other variants of the kalashnikov rifle. Reviews on top manufacturers as well as training and tequniques related to the AK rifle system.

The Evolution of a Great Target

The following is submitted by Mark the CEO of EZ2C Targets. It contains a history of the company and an explanation of how they got to where they are today. It also goes into the various styled designs they have and the practical purpose. While this is an advertorial ¬†and written by the product owner and not us I will …

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Patriot Cases Foam Cutting Instructions and Review

If you have ever had to fly with a weapon or spend large periods of time outdoors in inclement weather, you have probably purchased a hard case for your weapon. Both pistol and rifle cases fit into the same mold for hard cases. You typically have some form of heavy duty plastic shell that can be secured and then locked …

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