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Falconer 27 Review

At Shot Show last year we had a sneak peek at the Project F backpack. It was love at first sight. We waited and waited and finally in July the product was released with several revisions prior to the final production. Dimensions: Net Weight: 3.4 pounds | 1542 grams Capacity: 27 Liters Overall Exterior Size (Fully Extended): 18.5″ (H) x …

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Eotech 300BLK XPS-2 Review

300 Blackout is a cartridge that came on the market and found a unique home. While boutique cartridges can come and go 300 Blackout has had staying power. One of the reasons for the 300 blackouts success is it performs excellent both suppressed and supersonic. For those guys who love the black rifle but want a heavier, larger bullet in …

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Political Update

MOC, Kenneth Herman vs Clio Area School District By now you have likely read the good the bad and the angry about the lawsuit filed against Clio Area Schools. If you have not the short of it is that Clio schools decided to break the law and ban open carry on campuses. They were sued by MOC and a parent …

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Gunstock The Premier Michigan Shooting Event

Did you know Gunstock was this weekend? I hate when things sneak up on you and this one caught me by surprise. I had it in my calender for months, but with the amount of classes, new projects and family issues going on, I simply didn’t realize it was happening. But I digress, the important thing is did you know …

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