JR began his shooting career early on while shooting tin cans with his father. Now he has 25 years behind different firearms, He has shot competitively in Trap, Skeet, USPSA, and IDPA. JR currently serves in a Law Enforcement capacity for an agency in Michigan. JR has served in Road Patrol, Neighborhood Enforcement, and a Street Crimes Team. JR is an Active Shooter Instructor as well as a certified Shoot house instructor and has served numerous High risk warrants.

Sticky Holsters Review

With all the talk about Kydex holsters and war belts going around the interwebz in this day and age. People forget about a fair number of concealed carry practitioners. Some folks like the simpler things in life. Not wanting to have $100 wrapped up in Kydex and another $65 in a good gun belt is very understandable. Enter the Sticky …

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Detroit Concealment Holster Review

I can already hear your sighs and muffled “What the F*&^” as I write the review for another Kydex holster. But hear me out, who doesn’t like to support local businesses? Who doesn’t like quality at a fair price? Who doesn’t like lots of choices? Who doesn’t like Nudity? Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s start this review. …

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Jones Tactical Cobra Belt Review

A belt seems pretty simple. It seems like something that mankind has dealt with since moving from loin cloths to trousers. Now with the amount of people who have a CPL a belt maybe the most important part of the equation. I have been carrying a firearm since around 2003, and in that time I have learned the importance of …

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