An EDC Pack That Get’s The Job Done

So you found the EDC movement, or you just have developed a stockpile of items you feel are needed in your daily life. The fact is with advanced technology and an increase in tactical training more people are carrying more things on a daily basis.

For the ladies, the Mary Poppins purse is the go to. For the men, we have had to rely on pockets and belts to carry our gear or a backpack. In the 90’s many of us made the mistake of sporting a fanny pack to carry our stuff. I was a rollerblader in a past life and know there is more than one pic of me floating around with blades and a fanny pack.


Fast forward to a more common sense form of fashion, we find that the choices for male carry are still limited. Backpacks are great as are messenger bags. In fact Mon- Fri I usually carry a messenger bag with my laptop and my EDC items. However for those events where a laptop is not needed, both of these solutions are overkill and unwieldy.

We reviewed the Vanquest MOBIUS and TOLCAT VPacker bags, which are small shoulder-carry bags. In truth, the MOBIUS bag Vanquest offers are still my favorite bag. It’s a perfect size and has a built-in Nalgene bottle holder. However some of my followers and even personal friends (If I can call some of them that), and most importantly my wife think the MOBIUS is too much like a man purse. Apparently as this is such a widespread issue, Vanquest also offers the VSlinger series that greatly differs from the VPacker series.

Modeled as a single-strap sling pack rather than a hip-based bag, the VSlinger series includes the larger JAVELIN 2.0 and smaller KATARA packs. I have changed out my EDC to use the KATARA VSlinger Ambidextrous pack since just after SHOT Show.

Modular and Compact

My first sling pack was a larger sized bag from Maxpedition that offered lots of storage solutions and pockets to organize my gear. Coming from larger backpacks and messenger bags these features were what I thought I wanted. It didn’t take long before reality set in, and I realized that sling packs needed to be smaller as your supporting all weight on a single shoulder.

KATARA is streamlined and small enough to make carrying on a single shoulder comfortable. With the MOLLE attachment points, it is modular enough to expand out as needed.


To keep my main compartment free, I have two additions to the bag via the MOLLE attachment points. My IFAK kit and a Nalgene Bottle holder. The bag is designed to work with a hydration bladder but since I put a powder in my water I choose to use my Nalgene bottle.



Main Compartment

There is a main compartment that is 15” x 8” x 4” there is plenty of room for hydration packs, food, iPad and other items you want to carry such as a small laptop/netbook up to 11 inches in size. This pocket is padded and will work for cameras, notebooks and other sensitive electronics. It is also Velcro lined for attaching a CCW or additional magazines. This would make a great place to store the Dakota Tactical HK MP5K that we will be getting our hands on.


It includes a loop to hang a hydration bag as well as a cutout to pass through the water tube to the shoulder strap. The hydration bag is secured behind a water resistant flap to separate the bag from any electronics. However based on its open-sided design I would not suggest carrying electronics and the hydration bag in the main pouch at the same time.

The main compartment is secured with two zippers that have the ability to be locked. This is an added touch for those of us who may store things we don’t want kids getting into.

There is also four additional pockets secured by Velcro found in this compartment. Like everything on this bag, they are accessible from either side making this a fully ambidextrous bag. These pockets are perfect for smaller items like batteries, flashlights, compass, 5-hour energy drinks or meal bars for when you’re caught out longer than expected.764011_KATARA_05wg_wm__74345.1423668387.1280.1280

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