A Wolf in GLOCKS Clothing


I am going to mention these parts purely due to the fact people may buy the completed lower. As mentioned above that would not be my choice but then again I change parts and love to tinker with guns.

The trigger itself feels much like a standard trigger with one noticeable difference. The trigger face is not serrated like the standard GLOCK trigger. This makes long sessions with the gun without gloves more comfortable. The trigger face is also slightly wider which I preferred.

The internals are on par with any standard out of the box Gen 3 I have shot. Which is a good thing if you’re a GLOCK fan and a sucky thing if you’re not. Personally I upgrade my GLOCKS to get a crisper and less mushy trigger with a loud firm reset. I also prefer to use trigger kits that remove some of the take-up.


IMG_0491If you have followed me for any time you know I am Kryptek whore. No doubt Lone Wolf knew this as well and sent me a Laser Engraved Kryptek slide. Initially, I was under the impression that this was one of the best coating jobs I had ever seen. That was until I found out the pattern is laser engraved and not a coating! The attention to detail is spot on. Even the barrel is engraved in the pattern on every place that shows when the gun is at rest.

It is important to note however this is not a modified GLOCK slide like you often find online. This is a slide specifically manufactured to GLOCK dimensions.

The Good

Due to this being made for Lone Wolf unlike a modified GLOCK slide you will not see any of the GLOCK markings that would typically be removed or sadly left by other slide cutters. This makes for a true raw canvas giving LW an artistic advantage.

One of the places this comes through is in the rear cocking serrations. They are closer together and finer than you would find on a standard GLOCK. For those of us wearing guns IWB, this makes for less irritation against the skin as well as less wear and tear on shirts meaning it takes longer to wear through, creating the infamous concealed carry hole.

According to the website the slides are manufactured from forged 416 stainless steel. Stainless steel is more resistant to weather than tool steel and as such does not even need to be coated if you so choose.

The Bad

It’s not a GLOCK slide. A purist who has come to appreciate the Tenifer finishing process on the steel used by GLOCK will instead find quality stainless steel in either Black Oxide (Pre 2003 standard GLOCK finish) or raw.

For those of you that fall into this category, you may want to go with the bare slide solutions offered by Lone Wolf. Then have it coated by Performance Arms, RCA or WMD in a more protective finish like salt bath Nitride, DLC or TiN.

 The Pretty

The other option is to get the custom Laser engraving offered by Lone Wolf. I’ll be honest when I think laser engraving I imagine patterns or designs cut out of the metal. While that is an option Lone Wolf offers, they also have 3 different series of camouflage patterns. These patterns look just like a Cerekote but instead of a coating that can scratch off, the pattern is etched into the frame. This makes for an ultra durable incredibly nice finish that you don’t have to be scared about scratching in and out of a holster or during trips to the range.

The Useful

Lone Wolf has a wide array of options for slide cuts. From minimalistic like what we ordered, to elaborate. The gun we decided on had forward press check serrations that matched the rear cocking serrations. We have found serations like this to be useful when performing press checks and allowing for a better grip on the gun in wet conditions.

While we did not go with a ported barrel that is certainly an option for those who prefer that kind of thing. It’s just not my cup of tea.

Who Benefits from this?

Guns are a subjective purchase and many people want a gun that is specifically tailored to them. There is also some subsets of the community that I think may enjoy this gun more than most.

Glock Biters

If you love your GLOCK but hate getting slide bite at the very least this grip is for you. You have to be a special kind of tool to get a GLOCK bite using the enlarged beaver tail of this weapon. If fear of getting bit has you training and shooting less, upgrading to the TImberwolfe frame is a cheaper option than buying an entirely new gun.


If you have been following the DIY instructions on how to best stipple your gun and ended up with a monster mess of plastic garbage. Buying a Timberwolf lower is a good way to get your gun back on track.

If you have considered modifying your gun like we have, such as chopping a 17 to a 19 or a 19 to a 26 and all other such variants. Then this is a great way to get the feel you want without modifying your factory gun. If you wanted to sell it down the road having, original matching parts would fetch more money than modified ones typically.


No, not the ladies who cut hair. I’m talking about those guys who show up to class in matching Kryptek or who have their entire truck wrapped in Mossy Oak. If the look of your gun is as or more important than it’s function your going to love the work Lone Wolf does. This also applies to all you safe queens that buy guns to sit on a shelf in your safe.


If you’re looking for a comfortable, fun to shoot weapon or for a way to modify your gun to shoot less expensive rounds your going to want to get one of these. 45 and even 40 can not only be expensive but at times hard to procure. Having the ability to train with your EDC but shoot a less expensive round is a great way to get more training and shooting in.

I am going to make an important note on this. I have had poor luck with any conversion barrel. If you’re going to go with a conversion barrel, expect that you’re going to get FTE’s and FTF. This is not a bad thing for gamers and plinkers though as it gives you a failure point to practice through.


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