A Wolf in GLOCKS Clothing

We have all heard the adage about if it walks and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. What happens when it’s not a duck, but instead a highly tuned cybernetic organism based on the systems of a duck?

That’s sort of what we have going here with the recent build sent to us from Lone Wolf Distributors. Lone Wolf is a well-known company that specializes in selling parts to tune up your GLOCK.

Back in our early days of reviews we reviewed a barrel from Lone Wolf that converted the GLOCK 27 in .40 to a GLOCK 26 in 9mm. These conversion barrels are one of the products that have made Lone Wolf so popular over the years. Also, they have built a name-supplying drop in barrels for shooting lead cast bullets, tactical threaded barrel, OEM parts and modified frames.

Now they sell or make just about every part to upgrade your GLOCK. I’m no stranger to upgrading a GLOCK just look what we did to a G19 with Innovative GunFighter Solutions. What happens when your result isn’t a GLOCK?

LWD sent us their “G22” conversion since even making their own G17 is too passé. The G22 conversion is a full sized handgun on par with the 17 but designed to fire .40 caliber round. This “G22” has a 40-9 conversion barrel, which, in essence, makes it a G17 with a heavier slide.

To better explain what this gun is as a whole, it may be best to start with the parts. In all actuality, I don’t foresee many of you ordering all the parts to build your own GLOCK anyway. So you can think of this as a series of smaller reviews if you’re so inclined. It is far more likely your going to be converting or upgrading a GLOCK you have already purchased.

The Timberwolf Grip

Takes standard mags, Taran Tactical Extended Basepads, and the new Magpul GL9 Magazines.

It only makes sense to start with the grip as that is the serialized firearm. There is no shortage of companies you can ship your GLOCK frame to for cutting, reshaping, modifying stippling and just about anything else.

Some people just flat out hate the GLOCK grip angle or want to modify a grip without changing the original serialized part of the gun. For these people, Lone Wolf has built the Timberwolf Frame.

Lone Wolf Website

  • Quick change rear grip panels
  • Extended beaver tail
  • Higher grip angle in line with a 1911
  • Rounded extended mag release
  • Rounded trigger guard
  • Full-Spec Rail

So for $328 you can have a complete new lower serialized firearm, that will work with a GLOCK slide and magazine. For $199.95 you can have a stripped version that you can put all your existing or selected aftermarket parts into.

The gun Lone Wolf sent us was the $328 version using “GLOCK” OEM parts. My recommendation here is to go with the $199 version so you can buy the upgraded 3.5 lb connector, trigger springs, and other custom parts as well as a trigger kit. What is the point of spending $328 on upgrading a GLOCK if you’re not going to improve the mushy factory trigger?

The grip itself is comfortable. I like the feel of a 1911, and this feels a lot like the 2011 double stack 1911 variants. The finger grooves are wider and more comfortable than the ones on the GLOCK Gen 3’s. The less pronounced palm swell hump that is achieved by the adjustable rear grip panel makes for a very easy to grip weapon for hands of many sizes.

The enhanced beaver tail is perfect for those of you who are prone to GLOCK bite or who just prefer a bit more protection for your hands.

IMG_0497To make removal of a stuck magazine easier, Lone Wolf has created a cutout in the front of the grip to grab and yank magazines. We have seen more than a few competitors and EDC guys put such cuts into the sides of their GLOCKS. Having it in the front here is not as natural of a place to grab but makes the grip more comfortable IMHO. It’s an issue that like the magazine release, can be corrected in training.

The magazine release is an oversized and extended, making it incredibly easy to activate. It is easy to release the magazine by moving your thumb down without having to pivot the gun in your hand. A move I still find myself needlessly doing.

The rounded trigger guard and Full-Spec rail were neither an advantage or disadvantage in our testing. I was pleased to see that the gun fit in my standard GLOCK holsters and neither the rounded trigger guard or other features required me to buy even more holsters.

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