The 2017 Line-Up: Nighthawk Custom

Very Impressive Pistols

Turnbull VIP 1

Turnbull VIP 2

Not kidding.

The VIPs (Very Impressive Pistols) combine the artisanship of Nighthawk Custom’s gunsmiths with Turnbull’s unique case hardened look to provide a truly exclusive 1911 frame in each case. These unique 5″ Government frame pistols speak for themselves, they are equal parts art and gunsmithing craftsmanship.

Nighthawk Custom maintains their absolute commitment to One Gun, One Gunsmith. This formula puts the smith assuring every single aspect of the pistol is far above and beyond quality standard from start to finish. The smith signs their name to the frame each and every pistol they create, beneath a grip panel. It is the very definition of handcrafted and puts Nighthawk Custom pistols in a category no production 1911 can parallel and as the name suggests these are custom… add the features you desire to your hearts content and make these 1911’s truly your own.

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And yes… I know custom guns come with custom prices but hey…

Tis the season.

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