The 2017 Line-Up: Nighthawk Custom

NHC Classic

A Stainless Government model with half diamond checkered wood grips, the NHC Classic embodies its name. The frontstrap and mainspring boast 25 LPI checkering. The sights are Gold Dot bead, a smooth guide rod and traditional style bushing round out the .45 ACP NHC Classic.


CCS (Complete Custom Stipple)

Starting with a Stainless Government Frame the CCS has no piece of steel untouched. A unique stippling is etched into the mainspring, front strap, slide top and rear, magazine release, slide stop, hammer, guide rod, grip safety, and trigger. Front and rear slide serrations, talon emblazoned grips, and tritium night sights finish off this truly unique 1911.

Tri Cut Carry

A 106 year old design can look just as futuristic as anything. The triangular cuts, slide porting, bull barrel lock up, and unique texturing give this 9mm 4.25″ barreled commander frame 1911 a profile straight from science fiction. I want this pistol. SciFi custom 1911, sold.

About Keith

Keith is the Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2006, an Infantry Marine and Squad Leader. Additionally holding a US Army MOS of 91F Small Arms Repair Technician for the State of Michigan. Keith's work in the commercial firearms industry started in 2009 as an NRA certified instructor teaching concealed weapons courses in the Kalamazoo MI Area. Now he reviews, writes, publishes the GAT Daily content, and sticks his nose into every corner of the industry because firearms technology is awesome.

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