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Michigan Constitutional Carry Moves Forward, But What is in the Bill?

No, you can’t carry without a license yet Michiganders. Period. Done. End of Story. But we are getting there. Here’s the house Summary of the four bill package now awaiting concurrence with the Senate again. First, CPLs aren’t going away or really becoming any less useful. They still stand in for a NICS check for a firearm purchase and allow …

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Review: LWRCI M6A2 PSD, An Every Day Carry AR15.

It’s the tool you have when the fight comes… The AR-15 has been in service as a fighting rifle since 1964 and has proven itself a capable contender. Evolving technology has kept it in the forefront of conceptual design and it continues to be selected in modern iterations to serve. Civilian shooters, Law Enforcement, and the Military continue to put …

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Kriss Vector Super V or SDP Pistol

There are just some guns that break the conventional mold. The Kriss Vector in it is many forms is one of those guns. From it’s styling to its function it is nothing like any gun before it. While most guns in the semi automatic pistol arena are based around a slide that moves the Kris has created a blowback system …

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