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Car Carry by G-Code The RTI Vehicle Mounting System Review

G-Code has developed an RTI based Velcro holster solution for mounting in your car. If you’re unfamiliar with the RTI system, it is a method of attaching a holster to multiple different carry platforms. They have MOLLE, war belt, tactical belt, drop leg, and more so that one holster can be easily mounted to any of your gear. In addition …

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HSP G-Code Incog Holster Review

After the HSP Disruptive Carbine Course I had taken a few months back, I started to rethink my holster choice. All of the instructors had been sporting the Incog during the class, but considered they work with Travis, well that is to be expected.   Then I noticed that as people transitioned out of their battle gear into their EDC items …

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