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CALL TO ACTION: Repealing the NFA

Readers, That is an AR15, it is nearly identical to the plethora of other AR15 rifles on the market. But thanks to the National Firearms Act of 1934 it takes approximately 10 months (currently, it varies) to complete this purchase due to the rules governing certain firearms considered “more dangerous” despite not being demonstrably so or the existence of an easily …

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Review: LWRCI M6A2 PSD, An Every Day Carry AR15.

It’s the tool you have when the fight comes… The AR-15 has been in service as a fighting rifle since 1964 and has proven itself a capable contender. Evolving technology has kept it in the forefront of conceptual design and it continues to be selected in modern iterations to serve. Civilian shooters, Law Enforcement, and the Military continue to put …

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SilencerCo Announces $129.99 Gun Trust Via New EasyTrust Service

This is Huge! A top name in silencers with a reputable background offering an inexpensive solution to get into owning NFA regulated items. While I have seen cheaper they have never been backed by such a large company. Legal in all 50 states is a huge win as well. We will be filing with them to set up an NFA …

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