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New Year: New Gear 2017

With SHOT SHOW 2017 right around the corner and manufacturers already dropping hints or full announcements on 2017 products what are you most looking forward too this year? Here are a few we’re looking at Lithgow Arms F90 Atrax This evolution of the Steyr AUG coming from down under (Australia) has my curiosity peaked. I’ve owned and used the U.S. …

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Changing the Narrative Of Gun Rights

It became clear to me it is time to change the narrativeĀ about gun rights when I was asked the other day how many live shooter incidents in the U.S. had a concealed weapon carrier come to the rescue. He was looking for statistics over multiple years that show how many people with concealed weapons stopped the criminal. And likewise, how …

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Political Update

MOC, Kenneth Herman vs Clio Area School District By now you have likely read the good the bad and the angry about the lawsuit filed against Clio Area Schools. If you have not the short of it is that Clio schools decided to break the law and ban open carry on campuses. They were sued by MOC and a parent …

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