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Happy New Year from 248 Shooter!

Readers, 2017 is ripe with potential for the shooting community and we here at 248 are excited and eager to keep providing you with the content you come to us for. -National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act being discussed more seriously than ever before -New training opportunities from around our evolving industry continue to emerge -And of course continued …

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Tuff Products 1.5″ E.D.C. EZ-Feed Cobra Ranger Belt

If you follow us on Facebook you will know a few months back we asked users what belts they wear. Some really great recommendations came in and we sifted through our budget and connections for T&E gear to see who we could check out for an article. My goal was to do an article comparing all the belts together with …

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Blue Force Gear SOC-C Modular Padded Belt Review

Recently we attended the Patriot Defense Training Carbine level 1 course. Part of the requirements listed for the class included a way to carry 4 AR-15 magazines and 3 pistol mags. They recommend either a warbelt, chest rig, or mag carrier on a duty/leather belt.   Looking over the large collection of gear that I have amassed over the years it …

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