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Happy New Year from 248 Shooter!

Readers, 2017 is ripe with potential for the shooting community and we here at 248 are excited and eager to keep providing you with the content you come to us for. -National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act being discussed more seriously than ever before -New training opportunities from around our evolving industry continue to emerge -And of course continued …

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Hey, I just bought an AR15. What should I add next?

Hey, I just bought an AR15. What should I get for it next? Ammo… Buy Ammo… And USE IT. I saw the meme above a couple of days ago circulating social media from the SHOT SHOW 16’ remnants. Let’s make this picture worth the thousand word discussion and tackle the vast underinvestment in training. That’s the most accurate way I …

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Train Like you fight

We all know that especially tactical person that preaches “Train like you fight” the same way a Stark says “Winter is Coming”. Most of us however don’t head this due to an inability to access a range that allows move and shooting or even drawing from a holster. What is worse is even the guys who spend that 300-600 on …

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