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Rifle in the Field: Why I hunt with an AR

From Travis Pike Contrary to what many talking heads say the AR 15 makes an outstanding hunting rifle. It’s been my go to choice for a few years now and I’ve never been happier. Oddly enough, even among other AR 15 owners and pro gun hunters it’s seen as odd. As if I’m Rambo and the deer are a small …

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Review: LWRCI M6A2 PSD, An Every Day Carry AR15.

It’s the tool you have when the fight comes… The AR-15 has been in service as a fighting rifle since 1964 and has proven itself a capable contender. Evolving technology has kept it in the forefront of conceptual design and it continues to be selected in modern iterations to serve. Civilian shooters, Law Enforcement, and the Military continue to put …

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Review: BG Defense Type-A SIPR [Updated: Jan. 2017]

In 1957 Mr. Stoner, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Fremont finalized the design on the AR-15. In the 58 years since the Armalite debuted the number of iterations, manufacturers, variations and updates that are incorporated into the AR-15 rifle concept has exploded exponentially. The last 12 years have been especially fertile in the design and manufacturing aspects with the perfect storm of the …

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