Happy New Year from 248 Shooter!


2017 is ripe with potential for the shooting community and we here at 248 are excited and eager to keep providing you with the content you come to us for.

-National Reciprocity and the Hearing Protection Act being discussed more seriously than ever before

-New training opportunities from around our evolving industry continue to emerge

-And of course continued reviews of exceptional rifles, handguns, shotguns, optics, carry gear, and any category I may have overlooked

So from all of us here at 248, Thank You! Stay Tuned!

And have a Happy New Year!

About Keith Finch

Keith Finch
BIO: Keith R Finch NRA Certified Instructor NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer Keith is a US Marine and served 6 years, he left active service as a Corporal from the infantry. He was certified as an NRA instructor on December 31 2009, and teaches firearms classes in West Michigan. Keith became an instructor to give his Marines an edge shooting, recognizing the Marine Corps didn’t know everything, and served as a company level instructor in tandem with his other roles. His love of the shooting community grew as he taught with Viper and the Marines, he now devotes his available time to learning and sharing the best available information for all aspects of the shooting community… occasionally interrupted by the need to chase after venison in November

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