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Rifle Systems Spotlight: Daniel Defense

Daniel Defense is arguably one of the most successful turn of the century firearms manufacturers. Since their founding in 2000 they’ve become a leader in the vast AR15 community with top tier rifles and components, doubling their year over year output three separate times in less than two decades. It was one of their components, the RIS, that originally put …

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After Action Review: Teufelshund Tactical SMG Operators Course, Overview/Pre-Course

From GATDaily In perfect harmony with the uptick in pistol caliber carbine interest I was given a valuable opportunity to attend a training course specifically geared towards the PCC/SMG market. We at GAT hit cyclically on the disparity of investment between an individuals equipment and their training. People have a tendency to vastly under invest in training even after purchasing …

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Skills Maintenance: Limited Resources. Using Deliberate Practice on Low Round Counts

Training and skills maintenance is a subject that we shortchange ourselves on when it comes to where our time, our effort, and our resources are spent. It’s understandable in many respects since basic skills maintenance isn’t anything new. It’s not a new rifle in the case or safe. It isn’t a new sidearm riding in a holster. It’s not a …

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Coming out of Cyber Hibernation

248 Readers,   I’m sorry the page has been largely stagnant for the last 6 full months but that time is ending. Our focus on our national page, GAT Daily, has produced some excellent results and opportunities for the 248 team. You can read all the content that has come around in the meantime there… However 248 is back and …

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Review: G-Code Softshell Scorpion Magazine Carriers

One of the biggest challenges gun owners face with our various firearms is managing supporting equipment. Due to the wide variety of designs there is no universal shape or size to firearms, this makes the supporting equipment firearm specific in most cases. What this equates is a pile of magazine pouches and holsters purchased for every firearm specifically or poorly …

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Review: LWRCI M6A2 PSD, An Every Day Carry AR15.

It’s the tool you have when the fight comes… The AR-15 has been in service as a fighting rifle since 1964 and has proven itself a capable contender. Evolving technology has kept it in the forefront of conceptual design and it continues to be selected in modern iterations to serve. Civilian shooters, Law Enforcement, and the Military continue to put …

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Sentinel Concepts Blaster Bag Pro Review

Bigger, Better, Badder is what we have come to expect from Steve Fisher also known as the Yeti. I mean what would you think would come out of a 6ft 4in giant that has trained some of America’s top first responders. The Sentinel Concepts Bag Pro is inline with that larger than life personality. What I didn’t expect was the new …

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Defensive Firearm Training: Don’t Play the Odds

defensive firearm training

I want to dissect some recent advice I came across that affects defensive firearm training. The long and short of it was you, as a Concealed Carrier, do not need to practice doing reloads during your training and practical skills maintenance because you will “never” do one for real. This triggered a recall on the number of times I’ve seen, …

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Steve Talks About X95 with Tom From IWI

So there is no secret we train with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts on a regular basis. We are proud to have worked with him as well as Tom Alibrando formerly of Blackwater and current LEO trainer at IWI about the new IWI Tavor X95. This is the first video in a series of drills and techniques discussed about the x95 …

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