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Learn all about the political candidates and events that shape your life here in the great state of Michigan.

Son of SB 59 Introduced

Michigan Open Carry has announced the following:   The “Son of SB 59” has been introduced. The bill number should be published within the next day. The new SB 59 will: 1. Eliminate all PFZs (no additional training required) except K-12 schools, hospitals, and churches will remain as PFZs. 2. Move CPL issuance to the Michigan State Police. County Clerk …

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Senate Bill #63

This is a good piece of legislation designed to both encourage and support gun ownership and American Craftsmanship specifically from the state of Michigan. Check out Senate Bill #63 HERE! The law would make it legal for a Michigan resident to own any firearm made in the state of Michigan. With companies looking to leave infriendly gun states like NY, and MD this could …

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What does Sandy Levin say about guns?

The below message was sent to me by Sandy or Sander Levin of the 9th district in Michigan. It is less ridiculous then Carl Levin’s email to me but the fact is he is still anti 2nd amendment from what I can read here and no friend to those of us who support the 2nd.   — Dear Mr. XXX: Thank you …

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Which Michigan politicians support 2nd amendment rights?

The last few months have been hard on those of us who support the second amendment as right that shall not be infringed. Politicians from around the United States are taking aim at our right on both a national and state level. Thankfully our Michigan officials have been supportive so far on our rights. The fight is not over however and propaganda machines are ramping up …

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Detroit Gym Teacher Shoots Attackers

A 70 year old Detroit Women’s Basketball coach shot 2 attackers as he walked 2 players to their cars. There is so much right about this I do not know where to start. First this coach is the type of people wee need involved in our schools. A reserve officer who was looking out for the best intrest of the kids regardless of the …

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