If you need it in the field we will do our best to review it here. Learn about bags, packs, pouches, holsters, scopes, sights, ammunition and anything else you need to be ahead of the curve.

The Proper Feeding and Care of your Kalashnikov, enter Magpul

Review: The AK PMag, Ranger Plate, and Magazine Coupler   The AKM series of rifles in the US has had a born again resurgence in popularity. Second, perhaps, only to the AR15 the Kalashnikov rifle has found a home in classic and modernized formats. It’s focusing on these modernized features and applications where I have completed an evaluation for your consideration …

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Tuff Products Competition Belt Review

Train how you fight! How many F’ing times do we have to hear this? I get it if you don’t train like you fight your building muscle memory that will be inconsistent with your needs. There is a fundamental issue with this concept for the average citizen.When I think training, I think of taking classes not going to the range …

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Hey, I just bought an AR15. What should I add next?

Hey, I just bought an AR15. What should I get for it next? Ammo… Buy Ammo… And USE IT. I saw the meme above a couple of days ago circulating social media from the SHOT SHOW 16’ remnants. Let’s make this picture worth the thousand word discussion and tackle the vast underinvestment in training. That’s the most accurate way I …

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Why High-End Scopes Cost That Much?

Rifle scope mounted with picatinny mount on a sniper rifle

If you’ve spent any time shopping for scopes you’ve probably been surprised at how much the price scale varies. Even a cursory glance at a big retail site like Amazon shows me scopes ranging from 25 dollars to well over 2,000 dollars. Many people wonder why they should spend nearly as much or even more on a scope than they …

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PPSS Slash Resistant Combat Shirt Review

In Europe knife attacks are on the rise. Even in the USA, knives killed 1,490 people vs. 285 with rifles. Meaning you are more at risk of getting slashed by a knife then shot with the oh so evil AR-15. Every day police, ems, and especially prison guards are at risk to stabs and slashes from assailants wielding knives. …

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Sneaky Bags Trick or Treat Bag (ToT) Review

Sneaky Bags is taking 2016 by storm with new products, new partnerships and new reasons to fall in love with them. We will be reviewing the full line of bags they offer over the coming weeks. Today we are starting with the Sneaky Bags Trick Or Treat bag. We picked the ToT bag to start off, as it is the …

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TUFF Products Break Out Pen, The Tactical Pen That Works

Tactical pens have grown in popularity and are now being made by just about everyone in the accessories markets. They range from massive monstrosities that rival a kubaton all the way down to a disposable version that looks almost useless. That is why it so refreshing to finally find one that is stylish and covert enough for office use, yet …

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Choosing a Hunting Optic on A Budget

hunting rifle and scope

When it comes to hunting choosing a hunting optic on a budget is never easy.  A solid optic can work wonders but finding the right one can be difficult. An optic allows the user to make more accurate, more precise shots. They also allow users to scan and scout at a distance greater than what their eyes can see. Scopes …

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Lone Wolf, Alpha Wolf Wolf Pack of Awesomeness Barrel Review

Lone Wolf makes lots of accessories for GLOCK based firearms. We have featured their conversion barrels in the past. They also make replacement barrels if you’re looking to shoot lead ammo or just shot out your old barrel. None of this compares to the Lone Wolf, Alpha Wolf found in this barrel review. However a whole new reason to buy …

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Buying a New Defensive Pistol? You need a GLOCK 19

For those looking to add a first, a subsequent, or perhaps a supplemental handgun for defensive and practical use, listen up please… or rather read. You need a Glock 19. Now that I’ve made Glock haters lock and load their keyboard systems and allowed Glock fans to raise a standard of triumph… These work too That’s a Sig Sauer P226 …

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