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Photo’s and items you may be interested in related to the EDC or Every Day Carry movement.

Defensive Firearm Training: Don’t Play the Odds

defensive firearm training

I want to dissect some recent advice I came across that affects defensive firearm training. The long and short of it was you, as a Concealed Carrier, do not need to practice doing reloads during your training and practical skills maintenance because you will “never” do one for real. This triggered a recall on the number of times I’ve seen, …

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SunJack 14W Solar Charger with 8000mAh Battery Review

From our phones to digital watches, GPS and just about everything else electronics are a vital part of our lives. Many of us have outlets dedicated to charging a wide range of devices in our kitchens and bedrooms. What do you do when you’re out in the woods, in the middle of a power outage or god forbid struggling to …

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Car Carry by G-Code The RTI Vehicle Mounting System Review

G-Code has developed an RTI based Velcro holster solution for mounting in your car. If you’re unfamiliar with the RTI system, it is a method of attaching a holster to multiple different carry platforms. They have MOLLE, war belt, tactical belt, drop leg, and more so that one holster can be easily mounted to any of your gear. In addition …

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Southern Grind Spider Monkey Blade Review

I have carried a knife since middle school. The number of times my pocket knife has come to my aid is astronomical. However until recently I had little appreciation for a good blade. Instead, I relied on cheap Chinese knives that I didn’t care about losing or destroying. That all changed once I learned the differences in steel, material, and …

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GLOCK 9mm Pistol Chosen as the New FBI Gun

According to documents released today the FBI has awarded GLOCK up to 85,000,000 for new 9mm pistols. You can see the official listing here: https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=3003911f9f7ff35889bf5f46c48ba0ef&tab=core&tabmode=list&= It has been a few years in the making with the reports of the FBI looking at 9mm seriously. With increased stopping power of modern ammunition, the ability to carry additional rounds, reduced recoil and …

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Swiss New Pistol Offers Sneak Peak at Soon to come New Aimpoint

Thanks to the Bron i Aamunicja Facebook page we are all getting a sneak peak at the new Aimpoint pistol mounted optic. You will notice a very clearly marked Aimpoint on the left-hand picture of this new service pistol. The design looks fantastic, and we are all very excited to get our hands on it. The gun also appears to have a: …

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Modifying the Defensive Firearm

Editors Note: When you look at a publication that makes it’s money selling ad space for firearms accessories and modifications and you see repeated articles encouraging gun owners to train and focus on raw skill vs buying the next gadget take note. Bill’s bio speaks for itself and he is the type of man that has had to defend his …

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Factor Cossatot 1000 and 1000XL Flashlight Review

It does not get much more tactical than all the lumens. Unfortunately, flashlights and knives often take a back seat to fancy guns in IG pocket dumps, but they take the forefront in everyday usage. When I look at flashlights, I typically categorize them into 3 categories for EDC. Tactical weapon lights, pocket carry low lumen utility lights, and heavier duty …

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