Every Day Carry – EDC

Photo’s and items you may be interested in related to the EDC or Every Day Carry movement.

Grey Ghost Range Bag Review

I find loading my range bag before a class or a review to be only slightly less therapeutic than shooting. Part of my tranquility comes from my almost OCD based obsession with everything being in its place. With the Grey Ghost Range Bag (no fancy name needed) I find my compulsion satiated. I know what you’re thinking: a range bag …

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Shockwave Blade with Adjustable Tube Review

Taking the ECE course from Sentinel Concepts this weekend taught me the value of a light and maneuverable carbine. When using a CQB pistol, it is even more important. Fighting in an urban environment such as a home with obstacles and corners, light and maneuverable will give you the edge to engage quickly. Nobody grasps this concept better than the …

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Vanquest FALCONER-27 Announced

Limited Time Savings using discount Code MasterOfAllFalcons Vanquest caught our eye about 2 years back and continues to dominate our reviews due to their quality, engeniering and price points. Today they have announced the release of the Falconer 27 which had been teased as Project-F. The Vanquest Team is excited to announce our most highly anticipated product in years: The FALCONER-27, the ULTIMATE …

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Senate Bill 442 What Does it Mean for You?

Here is the link to the yet unpublished Senate Bill 442 (Green): http://mcrgo.org/doc/sb0442.pdf. What MCRGO says about it: The bill will create an exemption to concealed carry pistol free zones in MCL 28.425o. Any CPL holder can qualify for the exemption upon request with no additional training. New and renewal applicants will not be charged any additional fee. Clerks can …

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A Wolf in GLOCKS Clothing

We have all heard the adage about if it walks and quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck. What happens when it’s not a duck, but instead a highly tuned cybernetic organism based on the systems of a duck? That’s sort of what we have going here with the recent build sent to us from Lone Wolf Distributors. Lone …

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An EDC Pack That Get’s The Job Done

So you found the EDC movement, or you just have developed a stockpile of items you feel are needed in your daily life. The fact is with advanced technology and an increase in tactical training more people are carrying more things on a daily basis. For the ladies, the Mary Poppins purse is the go to. For the men, we …

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