Every Day Carry – EDC

Photo’s and items you may be interested in related to the EDC or Every Day Carry movement.

EDC and the Rise of a New Culture

If you have reviewed the news that has come out of Shot Show you will see that a few common themes. A return to blades, the demilitarisation of bags to a more “Urban” look and a rise in led flashlight manufacturers as well as tactical pens and other EDC type gear. It is clear 2013 will go down as the …

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Highlights From Shot Show Day 2

Shot Show Logo for 2014

Day 2 is wrapped up and closed at Shot Show. Here is some of the notable items found on the floor.   Action TrackChair This is just awesome. We have shared several groups that work hard to get vets out hunting and overcoming disabilities caused by action. This chair by Action TrackChair is an invention that will make that easier …

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One NRA Instructors Path to the M&P 9 Shield

M&P 9mm Shield with defensive serrations package from IGFS.

It’s been a long road In the world of defensive handguns it is very easy to get lost, turned about, distracted, and ultimately even a little frustrated when it comes to picking out a gun for ourselves. When picking a gun for someone else it is tantamount to grandma picking a sweater out for her angsty teenage grandchild, probably not …

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SOE Special Operations Equipment EDC Belt

John Willis the owner and lead thread injectionist at SOE Belts is a character like no other. With over a decade of experience making custom tactical gear he made thread injection cool when people still called it sewing. His combination of experience, over the top personality and dedication to his true customer base is what makes him stand out in …

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Knife Sharpening is About More Than Sharpening

All Outdoor is doing a great series on knife maintenance. They call it knife sharpening but the truth is that there is far more to keeping a good edge then just sharpening. In this first segment they will discuss the various parts of the blade. They will also go into one of the least understood portions of knife sharpening which …

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Tactical Backpacks What Makes them Tactical?

There are certain words that we expect to see when shopping online or in stores for gun related gear. Of those terms no word gets over used more then Tactical. I nearly spit out a perfectly good cup of coffee when I found ads on my Facebook feed for not 1 but 2 tactical energy drinks now on the market. …

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Fleeting Survival Inforce Review

I try to limit reposting other sites reviews as much as possible. However it is rare to run across such a well documented review and one that is so inline with the review we ran a few months back. Inforce is my go to weapon light and I prefer it over its more expensive competitors. This review by Fleeting Survival …

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Damsel in Defense Beating the Statistics

In the last few weeks some truly inspiring women have reached out to me. We recently did an article on Off Hand Gear run by Off Hand Sandi and how she is working to make shooting accessories more attractive to female shooters. We also have been in touch with Michigan Moms Against Gun Control another great organization that is made up of more …

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Great Resource for Pocket Knife Info

I love every knife I have and I have a habit of buying more knives then I need. However if you are new to knives or just don’t research the types of knives available it can become overwhelming.   Knife Depot has put together the quintessential Knife guide. This is a small excerpt from the full article that can be …

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