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Photo’s and items you may be interested in related to the EDC or Every Day Carry movement.

Gun Review: Zenith Z5RS, The Everyman MP5

Original Post From GAT Daily Since it’s introduction in 1964 the H&K MP5 has been arguably the most successful pistol caliber carbine. With over 100 variants produced, several international licensed manufacturers, and adopted by 40 nations for their police, military, and special operations forces, the little German space magic 9mm has a prestigious history that has stretched into 2017 with …

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From Mike Westra Thirty six years ago a man who made knives, shower curtain rods and kitchen cabinet accessories in his garage set out to make his first handgun.  What he came up with some would say is the best handgun ever produced.  Log into any gun forum and you will see lovers and haters going at it.  What caused …

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Dakota Tactical DTAC Modular Handguard

The MP5 platform of today is experiencing a second discovery. A child of the 20th Century action scene both on screen and down range with Military and Law Enforcement the MP5 was the pinnacle standard of the submachine gun/pistol caliber carbine. But times they are a changing… With several newer options hitting the market the MP5 and it’s kin, my …

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How I Quit Caring About Printing and Learned to Love My Full Sized Gun

From GAT Daily As a guy who carries a Sig Sauer P226 daily I agree with Travis here… From Travis Pike When I was first issued my concealed carry permit I went with what I thought was the wise route in weapon selection. I had read from many others that most new concealed carriers carried a gun much too large. …

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Skills Maintenance: Limited Resources. Using Deliberate Practice on Low Round Counts

Training and skills maintenance is a subject that we shortchange ourselves on when it comes to where our time, our effort, and our resources are spent. It’s understandable in many respects since basic skills maintenance isn’t anything new. It’s not a new rifle in the case or safe. It isn’t a new sidearm riding in a holster. It’s not a …

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The 2017 Line-Up: Nighthawk Custom

2017 is turning into an exciting year for the firearm industry Nighthawk Custom, a company that since 2004 has been masterfully pushing the 106 year old John Browning legend to an artistic mechanical pinnacle, is riding that new years wave with their 1911 additions. Let’s have a look. Border Special The Border Special is a commander size 1911 in .45 …

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Review: G-Code Softshell Scorpion Magazine Carriers

One of the biggest challenges gun owners face with our various firearms is managing supporting equipment. Due to the wide variety of designs there is no universal shape or size to firearms, this makes the supporting equipment firearm specific in most cases. What this equates is a pile of magazine pouches and holsters purchased for every firearm specifically or poorly …

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Review: LWRCI M6A2 PSD, An Every Day Carry AR15.

It’s the tool you have when the fight comes… The AR-15 has been in service as a fighting rifle since 1964 and has proven itself a capable contender. Evolving technology has kept it in the forefront of conceptual design and it continues to be selected in modern iterations to serve. Civilian shooters, Law Enforcement, and the Military continue to put …

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Defensive Firearm Training: Don’t Play the Odds

defensive firearm training

I want to dissect some recent advice I came across that affects defensive firearm training. The long and short of it was you, as a Concealed Carrier, do not need to practice doing reloads during your training and practical skills maintenance because you will “never” do one for real. This triggered a recall on the number of times I’ve seen, …

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